The Practice

Wisdom Meditation is a profoundly transformative practice that was taught by the Buddha in the Great Discourse on the Fourfold Establishment of Mindfulness (Maha Satipatthana Sutta).  This practice develops mindfulness of the ultimate (conditioned) realities and loosens our attachments. It sets our views right through wisdom, reconditions the mind for liberation, the highest happiness. 

Unlike some practices that require complete seclusion, this practice can integrate with our daily life.  If you do, you'd feel lighter and happier here and now, and more as you continue to make progress.  

Join us in practice, plant a seed of Wisdom in your heart.   



Guided Practice


Meditation Handbooks by our founding teacher, Bro James Ong

Wisdom Meditation is a practice taught in the Maha Satipatthana Sutta (Great Discourse on the Fourfold Establishment of Mindfulness).  In these handbooks, Bro James explained the practice as taught by the Buddha in this Discourse in a simple way, drawing references from his experience and insights. He illustrates the practice with daily life situations, making the profound practice relevant and accessible to lay practitioners who need to juggle between day-to-day life and spiritual development.  More importantly, he gave practical and insightful guidance to help beginners to establish their practice, while bringing about a deeper understanding of the practice to more experienced practitioners.

Please feel free to download a copy and share.
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These handbooks are also our class/sessions' reference materials.


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