Meditation Sessions


These sessions offer to 

  • Reduce stress

  • Helps to manage insomnia

  • Increase feelings of gratitude, love & compassion

  • Improve the relationships in your life

  • Gain understanding of stressors  

  • Develop the ability to let go

  • Increase clarity and efficiency

  • Motivate you to build and continue a regular practice and integrate that with daily life


Current schedule: Tuesdays / Sundays

Frequently asked questions

Guided Sessions

I'm afraid to try meditation cos my mind is so restless and I can't sit still.

These sessions are meant to guide to manage or deal with these and anchor the mind to the practice. Not to worry. Even if you can't sit still, there are many things we can learn from that and also, how to integrate meditation into other activities including walking and other daily activities.

Does meditation practice conflict with my religious beliefs?

Mindfulness is a mental state, and is universal to living being, regardless of race, beliefs or any other differences. However, it is not always present in the mind. These sessions guide you to bring that out and develop it for focus, clarity, calmness and also for purposes of overcoming stress, pain and other trauma. These sessions are purely a mind-training.

Is there a wrong way to meditate? Can meditation go wrong?

There are various objects that are suitable and objects that aren't suitable for meditation. If you aren't skilled or discerning, it could go awry in some instances, or it may not depends on other things. The general guide to know if you're doing it right, is to check if you feel calm, peaceful, clear and mentally stable. If you feel disturbed, then please stop doing whatever you are doing and speak to an experienced teacher/guide.

What is the difference between Mindfulness and meditation?

Mindfulness is a beautiful mental state that comes with positive minds. Meditation is a formal practice to develop the mind including mindfulness.

What will I learn from guided meditation sessions?

We can map out what we will work on after our initial contact/sharing. Some of the basics that you will definitely learn is how to establish Mindfulness through direct experience to destress, for focus and calmness. These will require a minimum of 3-4 sessions. Depending on whether you wish to go on further, we can make it a weekly session for you and work on more aspects specific to your challenges, including learning to develop loving-kindness, self-love and care.

Can I continue with the guided sessions as a weekly routine practice?

Absolutely! Weekly meet/ group practice is an excellent way to establish a habit and experience the results of practice. We'll repeat techniques and also cover more grounds. Our Guide will continue to support your practice and growth and is always available to help with or without the continued sessions.

What do I need?

1. Internet, and preferably, Skype account too. 2. Set aside time and show up for the Guided Sessions. Lets dive in :)


Fees, etc

All resources and services are free including joining any or all of our Group Practices. All you need is access to the Internet.

If you'd like to recognise our services, you're welcome to donate. So, just gift what what you like, when you like, or none at all. This is completely your practice and there's absolutely no judgment on our part. If you do give, please note that we are not a company and it will go towards our Guide's account who pays for everything including website and other costs that go towards making all resources and services freely available. You can do so here: Give a coffee or via paypal or online bank transfer.

Please don't let fees, value or gifting or not gifting be a concern. Feel free to download, use and share the resources freely, and join the practice sessions. It's our sincere wish that you acquire the skills to uplift your mind for well being.