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Here, you'll find resources to help you establish a mindful way of life.  Most of these practices require either reflection or meditation.  Meditation in particular, is the most direct way to learn the mental skills needed for mindful living.  It may not always be easy but, when practised regularly, it can offer profound effects. 

With practice and patience, this cultivation also offers a lasting transformation.  You wouldn’t expect a seed to suddenly become a mature tree.  Rather, you would plant the seed and nurture it - Growth happens.  This practice is just like that. Practice regularly and the transformation will be its natural result.  I invite you to reach out if you need help in the practice.

To truly be present, is to truly live

How to be present?

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.  And how do you live in the present moment?  Be mindful of the present moment.  To be mindful is to truly live, so said the great sage.

About this guided session

Pay attention to what is, without rejecting or expecting.  Use your breath as a gentle reminder to return to this moment.  


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