What is Wisdom Meditation?

Wisdom Meditation is also known as Insight Meditation or Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation.  Wisdom Meditation develops Mindfulness, Detachment & Knowing (among others), specifically directed towards experiential Insights into things as they really are.  This practice goes deeper than the contemporary, popularised mindfulness practice.  While the contemporary and secular mindfulness practice is an excellent way to live and feel present in the moment, we invite you to go further.

Wisdom Meditation is based on the Great Discourse on the Four Fold Establishment of Mindfulness (Mahasatipatthana Sutta).  It goes profoundly deep, as it develops the perception necessary for Wisdom, loosening our attachments to views, judgments and egos.  It explores the cause of pain & suffering, shows us how to overcome them and be happy. Yes, happiness can be experienced here and now, as you make your way through this practice right up to the end of the path.  

Unlike some practices that require complete seclusion, Wisdom Meditation can integrate with our daily life.  Make Wisdom Meditation a way of life through practice.  We have regular practice sessions.  Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome.  Spiritual friendship makes the whole of our spiritual life (Upaddha Sutta).  

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Wisdom Meditation Courses

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Wisdom Meditation Courses

Postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak.

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James Ong

Bro James was previously ordained as a monk in Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre, Penang, Malaysia where his teacher Phra Dhammabarnchanvud was the founder.  

He has since been teaching Wisdom Meditation and Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation since 1965.  As a teacher, he's very experienced, skilled and is able to illustrate the Dhamma in a simple way, making it relevant to lay people.  He also teaches Abhidhamma and used to give Dhamma talks in Hokkien. His talks are very inspirational and funny at times.  

His previous Dhammaduta initiatives includes having founded a few Buddhist societies and meditation centres in Malaysia.

Shymiin SC

Sis Shymiin started her Wisdom Meditation practice in 1993.  She has done many long retreats under various teachers in the Mahasi tradition whilst Bro James has been her main teacher.  She's responsible for transcribing his Dhamma talks for publication.  In 2007, she began her training to guide with Bro James and has been assisting in his meditation classes since.  She leads the guided practice in both physical classes and online sessions.

Guided Practice

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